December 5, 2015
11:00 AM ET

Webcast topic:
VectorVest Canada ONLINE Forum

Agenda Highlights

  • The 7-Minute Market Forecast
  • User Group News
    • Industry Group Analysis
      • Energy Sector Review
      • Banks (Investment)
      • Gold/Silver
      • CDN Integrated Petroleum

Feature Presentations:

  • Simple, Effective Trading Rules Using 3/8 EMA Crossover Method by Petra Hess, Burlington UG Leader
  • Portfolio Management Using WatchList Graphs by Mike Simonato, Toronto Member
  • Game Changers CA and US

Hi Stan,
Just wanted to provide some feedback on the recent online forum. I think this is a wonderful idea. I am one of those investors that don’t live anywhere close to one of the Ontario User Groups and knew that I was missing out on not just the useful info but also on the networking opportunities.

The newly formed online forum addresses what I felt I was missing. The fact that they will be recorded is an added bonus since I wasn’t able to participate in the launch due to previous commitments. I always learn something during your sessions and now having the added benefit of other VV subscribers as presenters to share their experiences and suggestions further enhances the gains I derive from my membership in VV.

I have learned so much in a relatively short time, as well as growing my profits, and I give the lion’s share of the credit to you.

Thanks again,