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VectorVest Special ONLINE Forum
April 2, 2016
11:00 AM ET
We invite you to come together the first Saturday of every month as we share member successes and ideas for profiting in the stock market using VectorVest.

Special guest Dr. Barbara Star will explain the popular Star Search trading system and how to profit from an additional aspect of it that has not yet been explored in VectorVest. The Star Search combines dual Detrended Price Oscillators (DPO) and Bollinger Bands in a way that helps investors identify price direction and the strength of that movement. In this presentation, Dr. Star will go beyond the original Star Search to show how the shorter DPO can be used to find earlier entries and continuation price moves.

As a Forum bonus, Dr. Star will also share one of her favorite chart reading methods for identifying price trends and demonstrate how it can be applied to short-term trading.