March 25, 2015
4:30 PM ET


Webcast topic:
Develop A Winning Trading Plan for Successful, Worry-Free Investing

The path to becoming a successful investor is clear: Plan the Trade. Trade the Plan.

It’s tough to make a great decision in the heat of the moment; but in life, you can’t always avoid it. When it comes to managing your portfolio, there’s no reason to add the stress of making destructive, knee-jerk, emotional, trading decisions.

Taking a few moments to develop a winning trading plan can help you save the day—and your profits. And, it just got easier…

VectorVest’s AutoTimer makes following the plan a piece of cake! Learn how to use the AutoTimer’s awesome backtesting capabilities to create and refine your winning plan – then let the AutoTimer put your trading plan into action using the Portfolio Genius. Also, Make trades fast and seamlessly right from VectorVest by clicking on the "Trade Now With Questrade" link.

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