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The Keys to Successful, Safe Speculation on the London Stock Market

This is the Most Important Place to Start for All Traders and Investors who wish to build their ISA Portfolio into a fortune safely.

  • The most commonly repeated question that I am asked frequently by market students is, “What one book can I read that will teach me all the basics I need to begin trading?”
  • Most books only give bits and pieces of the knowledge needed to prosper, and mostly this is all about the sexy bits around entry points.
  • Exits when you are correct and exits when you are incorrect are rarely mentioned. Position sizing techniques are ignored, yet they are vital.
  • The trader must begin from scratch and learn all the necessary details of setting up an account, money management, risk management, entry strategies, stop placement, exit strategies, etc.

Join this free webcast that will cover in detail a single, simple system—that if applied with discipline—will be more than capable of building your ISA portfolio safely into a fortune over the next few years, come what may.